Slye Temp romantic thriller series 

It seems with each book, this series gets better… beautiful romance, one of the best I have read this year.

Barb, The Reading Cafe

Slye Temp romantic thriller series 

Sabrina Slye’s group started out as an independent black ops team that handled sensitive operations for the CIA, but that was before someone in the agency burned them and they went to ground.  The wounded group of warriors surfaced two years later in Atlanta as a highly skilled corporate security firm. At least … that’s how the business operates above ground, but in the basement war room agents take on missions to keep their nation secure and to protect those they love. 


Sometimes the greatest risk is to their hearts. 


*Each book is an individual romance and can be read alone, but there is an ongoing story line in the background.

Books in reading order below. Click each book for excerpts and to buy.

  • Last Chance to Run
  • Nowhere Safe
  • Honeymoon to Die For
  • Kiss the Enemy
  • Deceptive Treasures
  • Stolen Vengence
  • Fatal Promise
  • Slye Temp 3 Book Box Set