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TREOIR DRAGON CHRONICLES urban fantasy series

Current day Atlanta, Georgia is in chaos as they learn that preternaturals live among them. The red dragon shifter many believed had died 2000 years ago faces true extinction if he can't find the dragon impersonating him to trigger an international war with humans. 

Books in reading order below. Click each book for excerpts and to buy.

  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 1
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 2
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 3
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 4
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 5
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 6
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 7
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 8
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 9
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Vol I Box Set
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Vol II Box Set
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Vol III Box Set
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Vol I, Books 1-3
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles Vol II, 4-6
  • Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Vol III, Books 7-9

Belador urban fantasy series

Enter the unique universe of the bestselling Belador series where Atlanta’s supernatural underworld is in a deadly power struggle and human lives dangle precariously in the middle of it all.  Meet Evalle Kincaid, the sexy Skinwalker Storm, Vladimir Quinn, Tzader Burke and the Beladors along with the Medb coven and a Tribunal run by entities from different pantheons. Yeah, it’s crazy on a good day. 

*This is a continuing series with the same characters.

Books in reading order below. Click each book for excerpts and to buy.

  • Blood Trinity
  • Alterant
  • The Curse
  • Rise of the Gryphon
  • Demon Storm
  • Witchlock
  • Rogue Belador
  • Dragon King Of Treoir
  • Belador Cosaint
  • Treoir Dragon Hoard
  • Evalle and Storm

Box Sets, Novellas and Free Stories

  • Belador Box Set: Books 5, 6, and 6.5
  • Tristan's Escape
  • Fire Bound

League of Gallize Shifters paranormal romance series

Shifters came out eight years ago and the world of humans has never been the same.  Life continues to change and adapt for humans and nonhumans, but humans are realizing that shifters, Power Barons and those who fall in between can only be policed by the most powerful of their hierarchy. The League of Gallize Shifters are not born in packs, prides or clans.  They come from an ancient source and are apex predators, the top of the food chain that have lived in secret, watching over the world for many centuries. Now, to protect those they love, the Gallize will face any danger, even stepping into the light and affording their enemies a clear target. 

Books in reading order below. Click each book for excerpts and to buy.

  • League of Gallize Shifters box set
  • Gray Wolf Mate
  • Mating A Grizzly
  • Stalking His Mate
  • Scent Of A Mate
  • Wild Wolf Mate

Slye Temp romantic thriller series 

Sabrina Slye’s group started out as an independent black ops team that handled sensitive operations for the CIA, but that was before someone in the agency burned them and they went to ground.  The wounded group of warriors surfaced two years later in Atlanta as a highly skilled corporate security firm. At least … that’s how the business operates above ground, but in the basement war room agents take on missions to keep their nation secure and to protect those they love. 


Sometimes the greatest risk is to their hearts. 


*Each book is an individual romance and can be read alone, but there is an ongoing story line in the background.

Books in reading order below. Click each book for excerpts and to buy.

  • Last Chance to Run
  • Nowhere Safe
  • Honeymoon to Die For
  • Kiss the Enemy
  • Deceptive Treasures
  • Stolen Vengence
  • Fatal Promise
  • Slye Temp 3 Book Box Set

RED MOON TRILOGY sci-fi/fantasy young adult by Micah Caida

In this coming of age debut trilogy, USA Today bestseller Micah Caida turns dystopian young adult fiction on its ear with a breathtakingly fresh science fiction, fantasy story that is as much a thriller as it is a romantic tale.  


“I woke up in a strange desert with no idea who I am, where I am or how I got here, but a ghost said I’m Rayen and seventeen. I’m now in a location called Albuquerque where people think I’m a runaway Native American, whatever that is. While trying to escape, I accidentally opened a portal and everything changed. There’s a fierce boy my age who could help me figure my way out of this, but he has problems worse than mine. He’s as deadly as he is attractive, and he thinks I’m the enemy.   I have to learn the truth fast about the powers I have and who I am, but that won’t happen unless we find a way to prevent the current world, and the future, from total destruction.”


*Micah Caida is the collaborative voice of New York Times bestseller Dianna Love and USA Today bestseller Mary Buckham.


*This trilogy tells the complete story about one group of characters.

Books in reading order below. Click each book for excerpts and to buy.

  • Time Trap
  • Time Return
  • Time Lock
  • Red Moon Trilogy Box Set


After selling their first individual fiction books to a New York publisher, Dianna Love and Mary Buckham met in Idaho as invited speakers at a writing conference.  They soon realized they had a similar approach to writing novels. From there, they began brainstorming together and during these meetings they developed a way to determine quickly if a seed idea had the key power elements necessary for a successful story.


Out of that process, they created a tutorial program called Break Into Fiction®, which they put into a book.   Now you can take your writing to the next level, too.

  • Break into Fiction