RED MOON TRILOGY sci-fi/fantasy young adult by Micah Caida

I was totally captivated by every scene in the first book...The imagination of Micah Caida takes the reader on an exhilarating journey…TIME TRAP is originality at its best.Amelia Richard, Single Titles

RED MOON TRILOGY sci-fi/fantasy young adult by Micah Caida

In this coming of age debut trilogy, USA Today bestseller Micah Caida turns dystopian young adult fiction on its ear with a breathtakingly fresh science fiction, fantasy story that is as much a thriller as it is a romantic tale.  


“I woke up in a strange desert with no idea who I am, where I am or how I got here, but a ghost said I’m Rayen and seventeen. I’m now in a location called Albuquerque where people think I’m a runaway Native American, whatever that is. While trying to escape, I accidentally opened a portal and everything changed. There’s a fierce boy my age who could help me figure my way out of this, but he has problems worse than mine. He’s as deadly as he is attractive, and he thinks I’m the enemy.   I have to learn the truth fast about the powers I have and who I am, but that won’t happen unless we find a way to prevent the current world, and the future, from total destruction.”


*Micah Caida is the collaborative voice of New York Times bestseller Dianna Love and USA Today bestseller Mary Buckham.


*This trilogy tells the complete story about one group of characters.

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  • Time Trap
  • Time Return
  • Time Lock
  • Red Moon Trilogy Box Set