"Books were my sanctuary from the moment I could read. 
I can't envision a world without stories."
— Dianna Love

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Print Readers: 

WRECKED: HAMR Brotherhood Black Ops FALCA Team romantic thriller is now available to preorder. Dianna will sign and personalize your book. If you order by October 14, 2022, your book will be shipped on October 17th with a signed bookmark and sticker. If it's less expensive to purchase a print copy local to you (if you live outside of the US, for example), you can order a signed book plate, signed bookmark, and a sticker for free - just pay postage. 




Wild Wolf Mate is available!


Wild Wolf Mate is now available in print, e-book, and audio! Mad Red isn’t just a nickname for Adrian’s wolf, it’s the truth and he’s lived a tortured existence after a rescue mission overseas went horribly wrong. Now, he just needs to stay alive long enough to answer the call for help from the family of a fallen soldier Adrian loved like a brother. To bring the wolf shifter who killed his friend's sibling to justice will snap his animal's control when Adrian has to hunt down Jazlyn, a dominant female wolf shifter who just saved his life and brought him an inner peace he craves. Welcome to his hell on earth. 

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