"Books were my sanctuary from the moment I could read. 
I can't envision a world without stories."
— Dianna Love

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PRINT READERS - Signed copies of Gallize Shifter books


Print Readers: Order any or all of the first 3 League of Gallize Shifter books signed & personalized. 


In fact, you can order any of my print books and have them signed to you or someone else if you're giving it as a gift. Just go to:



BONUS: The newest release - STALKING HIS MATE - includes a signed bookmark plus a special jaguar tattoo and a League Of Gallize Shifters sticker created for this release.  

Read an excerpt of STALKING HIS MATE

Note: Ebook and print (unsigned) available at all retailers here.

BELADOR Crossword puzzle #1


I love puzzles, all kinds. If I'm stuck somewhere waiting and don't have a book (yeah, that doesn't happen often), then my next go-to is a crossword puzzle, sudoku - something that keeps mind entertained.  That's what gave me the idea of creating Belador puzzles. This is my first attempt, but I plan to do more.  If I get enough feedback for this, I may even set up a page on my website when I have time. (My brain just had a small meltdown at the idea of me adding one more thing for it to do - lol).  

Anyhow, please DOWNLOAD THE PDF of the puzzle and test how well you know the Beladors. Dragon King Of Treoir (Book 8) is avilable now. All I can tell you is to be ready for more surprises. :)