"There's a grain of truth in every fairy tale."
— Andrzej Sapkowski

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Great news!! Dianna is always looking for ways to help her readers. She had Dianna Love Signed Books created as a place for anyone to order a signed/personalized copy of her books since she can't travel everywhere and many book signings are often only in a few big cities. The response has been outstanding. She really appreciates the wonderful comments, but she wanted to make it less expensive for her international readers - anyone - to have a signed print copy.

For this reason, she had sets of bookplates created for each of her series. Fans can order signed/personalized bookplates for free and just pay the postage.  When you go to Dianna Love Signed Books, click on the MORE tab. Visit the website below to see everything available. 


Remember: Preorders for new books at Dianna Love Signed Books are shipped SIGNED/PERSONALIZED ahead of the official release date.

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The first book in a spinoff from The World of Gallize Shifters is BOSSE. He never expected to escape the cage he's been stuck in for years but a woman with unusual eyes who sneaks cookies into his cage may be his savior if she doesn't get them both killed first. For more on Bosse, click here.

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Dianna's Slye Team Black Ops romantic thriller series is available on all retailers. Download a copy and get started today. 

    NOWHERE SAFE - Josh and Trish in an enemies-to-lovers thriller with a terrorist out to attack Miami.

    HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR - Ryder and Bianca in an enemies-to-lovers thriller chasing the truth, which may kill them both. 

    KISS THE ENEMY - Logan and Margaux in an enemies-to-lovers thriller with a deadly secret and a megalomaniac planning to kill hundreds of thousands.

    DECEPTIVE TREASURES - Tanner and Soo Jin in an enemies-to-lovers thriller that starts in North Korea and turns into a race to save the future of America.

    STOLEN VENGEANCE - Dingo and Valene in a second-chance romance with a twist that will cost them everything when an assassin targets powerful political figures. 

    FATAL PROMISE - The stunning conclusion in this second chance romance for Sabrina Slye and her former CIA handler, Gage, as they race time to prevent an ancient artifact from starting a world war.

    3-Book SLYE TEAM box set with NOWHERE SAFE & HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR, plus LAST CHANCE TO RUN, the book that inspired this series. 


    "It is a real page turner - I hated to put it down even to sleep!" ~~ Goodreads 

    "A high octane, thrill ride through the high stakes world of espionage." Goodreads 

    "Exhilarating … with riveting characters and a plot that has more twists and turns than a roller coaster…one of those books that you wish would go on forever.” ~~ Amazon

    "Great story, lots of action, story flows seamlessly. Love all the Slye books. Can't wait for Fatal Promise!" ~~ Goodreads

    "This book was an OMG, nail-biter, page turner." ~~ Amazon

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