"Wherever I am, if I’ve got a book with me, I have
a place I can go and be happy."
— J.K. Rowling

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Get Signed Bookplates!


Great news!! Dianna is always looking for ways to help her readers. She had Dianna Love Signed Books & More created as a place for anyone to order a signed/personalized copy of her books since she can't travel everywhere and many book signings are often in big cities only. The response has been outstan ding. She really appreciates the wonderful comments, but she wanted to make it less expensive for her international readers to have a signed print copy.

For this reason, she had sets of bookplates created for each of her series. Fans can order signed/personalized bookplates for free and just pay the postage for a flat envelope (much less than a book shipment).  Anyone is welcome to order bookplates! Visit the website below to see everything available. 


Remember: All preorders at Dianna Love Signed Books are shipped SIGNED/PERSONALIZED 2+ weeks ahead of the official release date.

The latest news!



Dianna stayed locked in her cave (writing room) for the last two years to write the 9-book TREOIR DRAGON CHRONICLES OF THE BELADOR WORLD! The last book is being released July 20, 2021. The series is in e-Book, Audiobook, and print (3 hardback volumes with 3 books in each). For more on these books, visit the Treoir Dragon Chronicles series page

More for Writers

Dianna shares her knowledge of writing and publishing with writers everywhere she goes. Below is a current list of resources that are relevant for today’s writers. 


  • Great Blurbs in One Day -Developmental editor Jodi Henley and NYT bestseller Dianna Love host several of these workshops each year (they are taking a summer break, next blurb workshop will be fall 2021)
  • POWER PLOTTING For Any Writer Mary Buckham hosts live webinars for writers all over the world.

For Plotters and *Pantsers
(*Seat-of-the-pants writers)

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