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Dianna's Favorites

The Great Wall of Cape Girardeau, MO


We visited Cape Girardeau, MO this year. it's not my first time there, but I haven't had enough time in the past to stroll the city. That's why I had no idea about this beautiful flood barrier wall. We enjoyed eating in a very nice restaurant called Celebrations I highly recommend and at a lovely barbeque place on the river walk called Port Cape Girardeau. Two musicians strummed and sang for us that evening. I found a wonderful blog called The Accidental Ozarkian, which gives a really nice description of how the wall came to be painted. I found it fascinating that they used murals to tell their history. 

Strange clouds on my trip to CO!


I got out of my cave this year. We drove across country to see friends in Broomfield, CO. It's a long trip, but of course I wrote a lot. I also watched clouds. I loved looking at clouds as a child and seeing all the fun shapes (that was the artist in me). I've never seen clouds with straight edges. One looks like a trapezoid.