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Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World is here!


Finally, the project I've been working on for over a year so that readers will receive books quickly. Book 1 of the TREOIR DRAGON CHRONICLES of the BELADOR WORLD series is live. All 9 books wil release withing one year. I have been so excited to bring this series to life. Dragons didn't just appear two thousand years ago and not all of them died in the Dragani War. I intentionally wrote this series for those already fans fo the Belador world (thank you!) and readers new to this world, who can start wtih book 1. For links to all retailers for ebooks and audio (plus excerpts), please visit the Treoir Dragon Chronicles series page

Evalle and Storm get their story


Fans get the story they've been asking for in Evalle and Storm's new book. To bond or not to bond. Nothing is ever easy in the life of this beloved pair. Join them on an adventure that races to an unexpected ending. 

Dianna said: This book has been with me since I first created the Beladors. I knew we'd get here, but I had no idea what a journey it would be. Before anyone panics, there will be more Belador stories, plus the new Treoir Dragon Chronicles now starting to release. Thank you for following this series. 

Read an excerpt of the Evalle and Storm book here. You can order a signed/personalized copy, which includes a special sticker (Image on the right) and tattoo from www.AuthorDiannaLove.com 

Sunrise over a magical marsh.


As many of you know, I love to fish. What's even better is to spend time with my husband and family while out on the water.  My family knows I love to take sunrise and sunset pictures - I wanted to share this one with you.  We caught a lot of redfish, trout and drum, but what's so cool about Delacroix is the brackish water. We also caught some bass. On day two, we had a massive storm blow through (tornado sirens sounded while we were in the camper) and afterwards gators climbed out of the marsh everywhere. It was the most we'd seen at any one time over the years. Just a great visit. I returned ready to write!!