Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 9

Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 9


Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 9, Treoir Dragon Chronicles Series

Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 9

Book 9, the stunning conclusion of New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love’s Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador™ World series, is a thrilling rollercoaster ride to an unexpected ending.

Daegan is given an unconscionable task to execute before he is told how to find the last grimoire volume. Casidhe jumps at learning the truth of her bloodline only to discover a deadly surprise. Reese angers the Imortik master who sends two possessed Beladors to drag her to him. Human military lock on Evalle and her Belador team racing to stop preternatural threats. With one last hope of surviving, Cathbad goes all in and encounters a battle he never planned on. The Imortik master escalates his plans sooner than anyone expected.

Everything comes down to this moment and Daegan is not ready.

This book will release July 20, 2021

Book 9 is available for preorder in e-book and audiobook (links below).

For the print copy, visit Dianna Love Signed Books & More where Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World Volume III: Books 7-9 is can be preordered to be shipped signed and personalized. 

“It takes a special kind of writer to be able to take a series to nine books, and still have it going strong.” Amazon review

Excellent storytelling that is as breathtaking as it is enchanting!"

Clare and Lou’s Mad About Books

“The non-stop action of this series continues.” BookBub review

“I am loving every moment and don't want it to end.” Goodreads

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