Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 6


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“If you love paranormal, urban fantasy, suspense, romance, great characters, you should be reading Dianna Love.” The Reading Cafe
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Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 6, Treoir Dragon Chronicles Series

Treoir Dragon Chronicles Book 6

Book 6 in the explosive Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador™World series continues as the dragon clans face off and Imortiks are gaining strength.

Trapped waist-deep in a flooded tunnel, Casidhe faces a new threat when Cathbad finds her, forcing her to gamble with her unpredictable sword. After Skarde attacked the gryphon village, a furious Daegan is no longer willing to show mercy to ice dragon shifters. Quinn, Reese, and the Beladors go after the demon-maker flooding Atlanta with predators, which backfires when Reese is faced with an unimaginable choice. Adrianna tries to work with Sen to escape their imprisonment, but he snubs her offer a moment before he shouldn’t have. Herrick’s seer discovers the secret he hides in his lair and that a major problem he doesn’t realize. Daegan’s hunt for the other half of his sister’s ring takes an encouraging turn until he discovers where Casidhe is and his world turns upside down.

*This book releases March 23, 2021

"...a fresh concept, complex world and unique characters ... emotionally engaging story full of twists." Publishers Weekly (on Belador series)

"... an exciting, pulse pounding thriller ... I love Dianna Love’s writing, her wonderful imagination, and her ability to grab us from the start of each book she writes, and keep us there until the end.” The Reading Café 

"I may have exclaimed aloud more than once. Bottom line: I really kind of loved it." Top 500 Amazon reviewer (on Belador series)

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