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Wild Wolf MateThe World of Gallize Shifters


"... a tense, sexy, exciting adventure; with a great couple and wonderful secondary characters."The Reading Cafe
"It was hard to stop reading for any reason."Always Reviewing
"Dianna has done it again. Awesome book." Goodreads, Helen
"... an emotional rollercoaster that will have you laughing one moment and crying the next." Goodreads, Donna

Wild Wolf Mate, World of Gallize Shifters Series

Wild Wolf Mate

New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love's League Of Gallize Shifters is back with a sexy enemies-to-lovers adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. 

Mad Red isn’t just a nickname for Adrian’s wolf, it’s the truth and he’s lived a tortured existence after a rescue mission overseas went horribly wrong. Now, he just needs to stay alive long enough to answer the call for help from the family of a fallen soldier Adrian loved like a brother. But to bring the wolf shifter who killed the soldier’s sibling to justice, Adrian will have to hunt down Jazlyn, a female wolf shifter who just saved his life, to put her in prison. Welcome to his hell on earth. Jazlyn has never hesitated to help anyone in pain if she can heal a person, but the last decision she made proves no good deed goes unpunished. On the run after killing a wolf attacking a woman, mating is not on her mind … not until her sexy mistake shows up and their energies hum with a powerful mating call. Giving into that desire could destroy everything, or it just might save both of them.

As one reviewer put it – “There are shifters, then there are Gallize shifters.” IMHO reviews

"Dianna Love writes spellbinding stories that leaves you reeling long after you've finished reading them." Clare and Lou's Mad About Books

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A tiny noise yanked Jaz back to consciousness.

She woke alert, shivering in her human form. Unusual since the temperature had only dropped to the fifties, standard for late September in the Southeast. Water drizzled through the thick canopy of leaves, slapping her soaked clothes and the saturated ground beneath her.

She remained prone next to a fallen tree where she’d paused to rest after long hours on the run. Even a wolf shifter had limits and she’d edged dangerously close to hers. 

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