"There are shifters, then there are Gallize shifters."

Stalking His MateLeague of Gallize Shifters


"This story is an emotional thriller that will keep you wondering what will happen next. And the author surprises you at every junction."Amazon reviewer
"Another complicated love story that keeps the interest at a peak. The adventures were interesting and enjoyed the new characters." Bob P, reviewer
"Each time I pick up a new book of Dianna's I fall in love the series all over again." Amazon reviewer
"The book is a great read and easy to pick up where you left off rather than having a hard time getting back into the groove of things." C. Krivda, reviewer

Stalking His Mate, League of Gallize Shifters Series

Stalking His Mate

New York Times bestseller Dianna Love's Gallize shifters are back with an action packed adventure, a sexy love story and a twist no one saw coming.

Having spent her life as a captive, Siofra escapes when her power surfaces to save her from an attack, which exposes her as a nonhuman. All she wants to do is find her brother who is also being hunted, then vanish to live free from shifters.  That was the plan and it would have worked if a golden-eyed jaguar shifter hadn’t stepped between her and a dangerous jackal, throwing a major kink in her escape when she falls for the sexy protector.

Rory didn’t choose to be a jaguar shifter and is determined to not mate even though he faces death from the Gallize mating curse if he doesn’t.  The end may come sooner than he expects when his jaguar loses the ability to heal them, but that doesn’t prevent Rory from racing in to save a young woman from a vicious predator. The moment Siofra is in his arms and his power reaches out to hers, he struggles against the primal pull of the one woman he’s drawn to mate. But even if he didn’t feel the need to end his bloodline, she hates shifters.

None of that will matter if Rory fails to stop the deadly Black River Pack from using Siofra in a grisly experiment when she’s caught in a trap.

“Dianna Love once again gives us another wonderful series for us to savor and follow.” ~ The Reading Café

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“What do you want, Dyson?” Siofra forced the question out as calmly as she could while her gaze darted to the warehouse exit door.

Too far away.

She’d never reach it before the jackal shifter caught her.

“I’m here to see you,” Dyson replied, his sarcastic tone honed to a nasty edge.

She’d feared he would say that. “Give me a minute to finish.”

Sweat poured down her face and soaked the T-shirt and bib overalls she wore. Big fans on each end of the metal building spun, but did little for the stifling August heat, even this late in the day. With Dyson standing so close, though, she perspired for a whole new reason. He’d been sniffing around her for the last two weeks, but she wanted nothing to do with him ... or any other shifter.

Why would anyof the guards want her as a bed partner anyhow? She looked as drab and plain as she felt, plus they thought she was ... off. Who wouldn’t be in her shoes? She’d been captured as a child and believed she was human ... only to find out differently.

That secret would die with her.

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