Meet the Gallize shifters, an ancient race unlike any other.

Mating A GrizzlyLeague of Gallize Shifters


“The League of Gallize Shifters series is definitely original in many areas … a ground-breaking paranormal romance.” Always Reviewing
"MATING A GRIZZLY is a smart shifter romance that had methinking about it long after the last page."IMHO reviews
"Dianna Love writes spellbinding stories thatleave you reeling long after you've finish reading them."Clare and Lou's MadAbout Books
"A remarkable story with characters that knockheads and hips and holds you hostage until the last page.!! Loved it!!"Amazon reviewer

Mating A Grizzly, League of Gallize Shifters Series

Mating A Grizzly

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"New York Times bestseller Dianna Love delivers an all-night read with her new stand-alone League of Gallize Shifter stories." 

Justin has to keep a Russian shifter princess safe … and out of his arms. He’s a bodyguard, not a saint. 

As an elite black ops warrior on a unique shifter team, Justin is as deadly as they come and determined to succeed on every mission. He turns into a monster grizzly and rushes into danger without hesitation to do his duty … but he's having second thoughts on his current assignment. If there’s one thing he can’t tolerate it is arrogant people like the jerks he grew up around who acted superior to him. Justin can’t believe he’s stuck playing bodyguard for a Russian shifter princess. He’d rather face down a pack of armed terrorists alone than spend time with a cold-hearted prima donna. Except, Elianna turns out to be unlike anything he expected. She’s sexy and strong, but more than that - she might be the mate Justin never expected to find.  He'll have to stop an assassin trying to kill him and kidnap her for any hope of keeping her.  

Having lived her life as an outcast among her own kind, Elianna hates being called princess. She’s the ugly mistake of a Russian grizzly shifter who got her polar bear mother pregnant while on a sabbatical from his mate. With the exception of the little boy she saved after his clan abandoned him, men are the bane of Elianna’s life. When she makes a miscalculation under duress, her biological father coerces Elianna into accepting a deal with high stakes if she fails.  

Justin is unlike the male shifters she’s ever been around. He makes her want things she can’t have—like mating—because the deal she struck prevents a relationship with him or she’ll never see the little boy again who is everything to her. Her plan was simple and doable, but meeting Justin complicated everything.

“... a truly ground-breaking paranormal romance. Ms. Love is a writer who can conceive an innovative idea, and then cleverly bring it to life for readers to enjoy.” Always Reviewing (League of Gallize Shifters book 1)

Note: All the League of Gallize Shifter books are stand alone paranormal romances.

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, eastern border of Russia  

Elianna squatted in a dark cranny between two buildings, which was as good a place to hide—or fight—as any. Not a good place to die, though. Her little brother, Nico, needed her alive. She forced herself to calm down and stop sucking in noisy gulps of cold air as if the Grim Reaper was hard on her trail.

That wasn’t far from the truth.

“Where wolves now?” she muttered softly and kept watch for any movement. Even alone, she practiced her English and French for the day she hoped to use those languages.

Her hands hadn’t stopped trembling since she’d hidden Nico.

The cold didn’t bother her. Low forties in early May was normal and her body generated more heat than a human’s.

It was fear, driven by the vision she kept having of a grizzly shifter standing between her and Nico—that chilled her to the core. Not just any bear shifter, but a powerful one.

Her visions always came true. Her mother knew that, but still had ignored her warning.

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