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Bosse: Wild Wolf Pack, World of Gallize Shifters Series

Bosse: Wild Wolf Pack

Spellbinding action and steamy romance.” Goodreads on Wild Wolf Mate

Can a gifted female on an impossible mission and a tortured wolf shifter doomed to die in a cage risk trust to save each?

Bosse will never escape the cage he’s been locked in for the past two years. Used as entertainment for an insane lion shifter pretending to be a king, he’s forced to battle other shifters to the death every day. His life is over thanks to the pack alpha who sold him for refusing to breed females not suited to be mates. A chance for escape comes from a strange female servant who secretly gives him meat he needs to heal and … cookies. Who bakes cookies for a monster? The more he watches her, the more his numb heart begins to feel again, which is dangerous. What if she’s trying to trick him like others who betrayed him?

Alifair inherited the duty of finding the missing leader over her clan of gifted beings in America, but her magic is flawed. Even her best asset of clairvoyant dreams has occasional hiccups. That’s how she ended up captured in Slovakia to secretly toil as a servant where the female leader is being held. Her latest dream identifies the person who is key to succeeding at her duty, but her dream godmother must have been on a drinking binge. Alifair’s first step is to free the most dangerous wolf shifter locked in the basement cages.

Alifair enters the cage of a predator, prepared for the worst, and discovers a man who touches her heart with one surprising action. Bosse’s cookie fairy offers him the freedom he never expected, but with an unacceptable condition.

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Bosse heaved for every breath he could grasp.

He watched for the smallest twitch of the wild-eyed tiger shifter also in human form, any telltale aggressive move. From the gritty dirt beneath Bosse’s bare feet to the rusty sheen of death rotting on the stone walls, putrid air clogged his lungs.

Blood ran down his face and stung his eyes. He stood tall though it cost him with his back wrecked by sharp claws.

If he could eat decent food and rest when needed, he’d heal as fast as any other wolf shifter. Maybe faster. Titan had once been unmatched in healing, but his wolf suffered right along with him in this hellhole.

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