"…one of those books that you wish would 
go on forever."

Last Chance To RunSlye Team Black Ops Romantic Action Adventure


"Dianna Love always amazes me with her ability to continue to give us thrilling pulse pounding stories."The Reading Cafe
"...reminded me of Cinderella. Well, if Cinderella was on the run from a maniac killer and Prince Charming wielded a gun and flew a plane. Great read. Check it out!"The Paperback Café
"Engrossing, thrilling and wonderfully steamy...a pitch-perfect suspense that will keep readers breathless from the first nerve-racking scene to the last shocking revelation"The Romance Reviews
"...a no-holds-barred read. The action sizzles! At times the suspense will have you biting your nails, sitting on the edge of your seat or holding your breath--until you turn the page and can exhale."Annaleese "JRod", Amazon

Last Chance To Run, Slye Team Black Ops Series

Last Chance To Run

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"I could not put this book down...Once again Dianna has thrilled my suspense taste buds with an extra dash of spicy romance."~~ After Hours Rendezvous

On the run from a madman, she can’t trust anyone, but the hot pilot with too many secrets 
has her heart pounding out of control. 

Escaping the compound of a deadly international felon with his fortune in rare, stolen coins hidden on her body, elite athlete Angel Farentino must make the most important run of her life. With a prior undeserved drug-muling conviction hanging over her head, she can trust no one, definitely not law enforcement who railroaded her through a judicial nightmare. One step ahead of lethal men and dogs on her trail, she runs into the arms of a dark stranger willing to help her if she’d let him. But that would only get the sexy pilot killed.

To an undercover agent, the pretty mystery named Angel is a Person of Interest. Zane Jackson’s interested. Between figuring out who sabotaging his undercover work for the DEA and trying to save his baby sister from herself, Zane has enough on his plate. The last thing he needs is to get entangled with a woman who’s treading on the wrong side of the law. But when the long-legged distraction races into the middle of his operation and stows away on his plane, a primal need to protect her forces Zane to risk everything, starting with his heart.

"Engrossing, thrilling and wonderfully steamy ... to the last shocking revelation." ~~The Romance Reviews

"... cleverly builds suspense until the nerve-racking conclusion." ~~SingleTitles.com

"...a no-holds-barred read. The action sizzles! At times the suspense will have you biting your nails, sitting on the edge of your seat or holding your breath." ~~Goodreads

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Lightning crackled nearby. Close, but not close enough.

Escape tonight or ... there was no second option.

“Come on, God, please.”  Angel whispered the desperate prayer for the hundredth time since midnight. But lights still burned through Mason Lorde’s opulent compound where she’d been imprisoned for the last ten days.

She had to get over this compulsion about being honest. The last time she’d done the right thing, she’d landed in a real prison with a warden and crazy female inmates threatening her life. That had been thanks to her father.

One more thing she had to get over. Trusting any man.

Wind howled across the beveled panes, rattling the French doors and sounding cold when August weather was anything but.

“I should have asked for a hurricane instead of a thunderstorm,” she muttered under her breath. But hurricanes weren’t as prevalent along the North Carolina coast as lightning storms. All she needed was a brief power outage. Not that she had any reason to believe in divine intervention at this point in her life.

A short life if she didn’t get out of this place now.

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