"Brilliant!! Now THIS BOOK is what I LOVE 
about Romantic Suspense."

Fatal PromiseSlye Team Black Ops Romantic Action Adventure


"As always, Dianna Love delivers another sensational story that will blow your mind."The Reading Cafe
"FATAL PROMISE is cleverly original and very intriguing … Dianna Love certainly delivers in giving them [Gage and Sabrina] a story packed with conflict and sexual tension."Always Reviewing
"This is a lively and action-packed book, full of energy, danger and romance. The love story is tender, steamy, erotic, and full of electricity, and the action plot will satisfy the reader’s thirst for danger." IndieReader
"I was lucky enough to get this as an early read in a contest, but I just bought it anyway. It's going on my Keeper shelf. Great plot without sacrificing the great romance."Cerise, Amazon

Fatal Promise, Slye Team Black Ops Series

Fatal Promise

 "This book was an OMG, nail-biter, page turner." ~~ Goodreads

The stunning final book of the Slye Team Black Ops series fans have been waiting for – Gage and Sabrina’s story.

In this second-chance romantic thriller, former CIA black ops contractor, Sabrina Slye goes after a rogue CIA assassin threatening her Slye family before he can harm another person. She’s armed, dangerous, and in no mood to take prisoners, but the lead she follows exposes the tip of a deadly international threat and adds a new name to the rogue agent’s hit list … Gage, Sabrina’s former handler and lover.

Gage Laughton has waged war on Sabrina’s emotional walls over the past year after she returned from being betrayed during a bloody mission for the CIA that left her suspicious of everyone in the agency, starting with him. There’s a contract on her head but keeping Sabrina safe until he can terminate the threat is easier said than done. As one of the deadliest operatives he’s ever met, Sabrina bends to no one’s will. No woman has ever gotten to him the way she has, and he wants her back in his arms. That isn’t going to happen unless they survive this mission. With only one hope of stopping a megalomaniac from starting a third world war, survival depends upon Gage convincing Sabrina to trust him in every way, including her heart. 

"It was a slam dunk in terms of guns, international travel, romance, killers, and resolution." ~~Goodreads

"Fatal Promise left me speechless and in awe." ~~Goodreads

"Brilliant!! Now THIS BOOK is what I LOVE about Romantic Suspense; a gritty suspenseful story” ~~ Goodreads 

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Nighthawk 1911 9mm, cocked and locked. Check.

PPSS bulletproof vest. Check.

Last will and testament updated. Check

Over accessorized for dinner? Maybe.

Sabrina Slye kept her eyes on everyone she passed along Baker Street near the Centennial Park area in downtown Atlanta. Sweat drizzled its way down her back, soaking her thin black T-shirt and sliding under the shoulder holster she’d hidden beneath a black windbreaker. A slight breeze swirled across her damp neck, offering some relief from the heat at twilight.

Welcome to the dog days of summer in Georgia.

July fourth had just passed in its usual dazzling glory.

She kept her stride easy and smooth, when she wanted to run to the restaurant where she’d make a trade for intel on the number one, most wanted man.

Maybe not for the FBI, but former CIA agent Len Rikker topped her must-die list. He had to pay for his part in selling out her team over three years ago in the UK, and for all the deaths he’d piled up since then.

She had the money for the trade tucked into a small shoulder bag, but that wicked sixth sense of hers warned she might not be spending a penny.

This could be a trap.

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