"It seems with each book, this series gets better…"

Deceptive TreasuresSlye Temp Romantic Thriller


"Love pens a compelling plot, charismatic characters, vivid imagery and a passionate love story that will leave you breathless…"Romance Junkies
"...Dianna Love writes romance suspense so well, as I consider her one of the best at creating believability and hooking us in from the start all the way to the exciting climax."The Reading Cafe
"This may be my favorite book in the series so far. I swear they just keep getting better and better...I could go on forever about all the greatness stuffed into these pages..."HeatherM, Goodreads
"(Dianna Love's) romantic suspense stories always take me right into the heart of the moment. DECEPTIVE TREASURES engages your every thought as danger collides with desire."Single Titles Reviews

Deceptive Treasures, Slye Temp Series

Deceptive Treasures

New York Times bestseller Dianna Love’s Deceptive Treasures takes readers on a riveting and emotional ride in this enemies-to-lovers romance when a black ops mission flies out of control, pitting duty against love. 

While on a black ops mission, Tanner Bodine’s decision to extract a suspicious Amerasian female defector who shows up unexpectedly blows up in his face, putting his country and his family at risk. Brilliant researcher, Soo Jin, makes a desperate gamble to save her sister from the vicious Orion Hunters, but the stakes go up when a sexy cowboy steps between her and her dangerous goal. Tanner must let go of his painful past and Jin must face her darkest fear in a race to prevent chemical warfare from being unleashed that will bring America to its knees.  
But their greatest challenge lies in who to save when emotions blur the lines and they face a choice between duty and love. 

“Dianna Love pens an exhilarating romance woven with riveting characters and a plot that has more twists and turns than a roller coaster…one of those books that you wish would go on forever.” 
~~Billie Jo, Romance Junkies 

“Be sure to take a deep breath before you dive into a Slye Temp novel - prepare for shocks, thrills and above all a fantastic read you won't want to ever end.” 
~~Sara Reyes, Fresh Fiction

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Tanner Bodine stared at the three heat signatures on the thermal-imaging camera and cursed.

The idea was to not kill anyone tonight.

I should have known this mission was rolling along too easily. Not that there had been a damned thing easy about a HAHO, or high altitude, high opening, night jump into North Korea four hours ago. Now his team crouched behind an unfinished concrete wall in the one country no one should enter without an invitation.

Definitely no American.

If he and the other three Slye Temp operatives got caught while they were gate-crashing Pyongyang’s annual citywide April celebration, the fallout would be bad. Much worse than just having the US government deny knowledge of this mission.

Tanner’s team would be painted as nothing more than mercenaries trying to kidnap two North Korean physicists for financial gain. And the world would believe that lie, since Iraq was known to pay top dollar because their physicists got sniped all the time.

Tanner nodded at Dingo Paddock, who angled the thermal-imaging camera so that Nick Carrera and Damian “Blade” Singleton could also watch the monkey wrench shoved into their operation.

Who was that third figure following the two physicists at a covert distance?

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