When it comes to urban fantasy, Dianna Love
is a master. 

Rogue BeladorBelador Urban Fantasy


“When it comes to urban fantasy stories, Dianna Love is a master.”Always Reviewing
“As always, Dianna Love delivers another sensational story that will blow your mind. No one does romance suspense, with great characters, wonderful romance and just plain fun to read then Dianna.”The Reading Café
“This adventure win or lose is going to change things for Evalle and her friends. Action, adventure, magic and love this fast paced book has it all. Brava Ms. Love for another fantastic ride.”In My Humble Opinion
"The Amazing Dianna Love has done it yet again. Rouge Belador picks up only a few days after the last book Witchlock ended. (it is a must read if you haven't yet). There are so many elements that make this story one of the best." Crazy Chix Book Reviews

Rogue Belador, Belador Series

All of your favorite characters are back in Rogue Belador, book 7 of the bestselling Belador urban fantasy series by New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love. 

Immortals fear little … except a secret in the wrong hands.  

While searching for a way to save Brina of Treoir’s failing memories, Tzader Burke discovers someone who can help her if Tzader is willing to sneak into the heart of his enemy’s stronghold—TÅμr Medb. He’ll do anything to protect the woman he loves from becoming a mindless empty shell, but his decision could be the catalyst for an apocalyptic war.  The deeper he digs for the truth, the more lies he uncovers that shake the very foundation of being a Belador and the future of his clan. 

Tzader’s ready to execute his mission.  Alone.  But the minute his best friends Quinn and Evalle, plus her Skinwalker mate Storm, find out about his suicidal plan they organize a black ops team around him. While battling on every front, one secret surfaces that two immortal powers have spent thousands of years keeping buried.  Tzader and his team have no choice but to fight for what they believe in, because the world as they know it is never going to be the same again.

“How is it possible that this series gets better and better with each book? I've been on this ride since the very first book and LOVE the story, the characters and the action.”

~~ MG Lahey, Amazon


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Evalle muttered, “It’s been thirty minutes and I don’t see anything to kill.” She hugged her leather motorcycle jacket tighter against the chilly night air and glanced over at Reece “Casper” Jordan.

“It’s only been twenty minutes. Patience, Sunshine,” Casper murmured.

“It’s too cold for patience. And don’t call me Sunshine.” She had zero appreciation for January in Atlanta. The sun had set over five hours ago and the temperature had to be in the low thirties by now. Intermittent snow had started accumulating enough to leave footprints. Unlike the northeast corner of the country, this city saw little snow, and a one-inch dusting would empty stores of milk and bread.

The bread companies and dairies must have cut a deal with the gods of winter.

Huffing out a frosty breath, she announced, “I’m not hanging around all night and freezing.”

He grinned.

She quirked a threatening eyebrow at the VIPER agent who loved to get under everyone’s skin, but he was looking away and failed to notice.

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