"...non-stop action and danger at every turn..." 

Time ReturnRed Moon Trilogy Scifi-Fantasy Young Adult


"What an incredible serial escalation! All in all it's a masterful piece of work."Angela Catucci, college student
"Time Return drew me in from the first page, it took hold of my attention and never let go until the last sentence."Alex B, teen reader
"I loved reading this second book… watching the characters face so much that pushed them all to the physical and emotional limit was a great ride. Thank you Micah Caida for another book that I will be rereading a lot!"Emily G, young adult
"Time Return will grip you and keep you reading until the very end. The action is undoubtedly exciting, as well as the suspense. You won't want to put it down!"Goodreads

Time Return, Red Moon Trilogy Series

Time Return

A stunning second book in a trilogy that I can’t read fast enough.” ~~Bookbub

Time Return: Red Moon Trilogy book 2

Rayen, Gabby, and Tony face their own problems at the Institute and Chaos erupts in the sphere.   

Stranded in Tony and Gabby’s world, Rayen must get back to the Sphere where Callan could turn eighteen at any moment and die. Gabby is locked in the Institute hospital suffering a deadly reaction from the Sphere and is being prepped for an unknown procedure. Tony can’t jeopardize his family by traveling again to another world and Rayen fears she can’t open the portal without all three of them. Time is running out for the MystiKs still imprisoned in the Sphere while a conflict threatens to explode on their home planet which will have a catastrophic backlash throughout time.

Choices backfire, trust is forfeit, and alliances shift as elements of an ancient prophecy begin to fall into place.


Micah Caida is a blend of two voices

New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love and USA Today Bestseller Mary Buckham


Time Return will grip you and keep you reading until the very end. The action is undoubtedly exciting, as well as the suspense. You won't want to put it down!”  ~~ Brooke McClure, teen

If I had found books like this [Time Return] when I was a teen, I would have started reading much earlier, instead of waiting until my mid-twenties!” ~~ Kay Barnes, adult

"I have never read a book that was anything like this one before. It felt completely unique to me, which I loved!" ~~Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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Help me! Get me out of here before –

Gabby’s screaming voice woke Rayen from a deep sleep, chilling as getting hit in the face with ice water. She sat up in bed, panting and clutching the sheets. Her heart tried to beat a hole in her chest.

Just a nightmare. But it felt real. Sounded terrifying.

She looked around the dark room as her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light offered by the first hint of dawn. It peeked through the horizontal window coverings.

Blinds. Someone had called the coverings blinds. A strange term that didn’t ping any new memory for her.

Surely, she’d had some type of window shield in her life.

She thought on it, willing to take any memory of her past that her mind would offer, no matter how insignificant. Nope. Still stuck with a big gaping void when it came to anything about her, possible family, or even the place she must have called home before yesterday. All she knew right now was life in this isolated school in a land called Albuquerque.

Home … until she found hers. 

As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, sparse furnishings took shape around her room. A wall lamp hung over a small table next to her narrow bed. Across the room, a spotless wooden desk had a stiff chair and matching lamp. Other than that, just two metal doors the color of an early morning fog.

She closed her eyes, thinking of what stood on the other side of those doors. One opened to a bathroom with shelves and drawers for clothes. All her storage space was empty. She had no clothes or personal things of her own, only what had been given to her yesterday.

Good to know her recent memory still worked.

The second door led to a hallway with other rooms. More female students sleeping in this area. Boys had their own section. Did any of the others feel as confused and alone as she did?

Rubbing the heels of her hands over her eyes, she blinked to clear them better. Her scrambled thoughts began to separate and focus with details of what she did know. She was still at the Byzantine Institute of Excellence, a school filled with a mix of unusual and brilliant teens. She still didn’t know who she was beyond the name Rayen–which was suspect at best. She’d gotten that information from a ghost–and that she was seventeen, another nugget from her grumpy specter.

Basically, she still had no memory beyond when she woke up in the desert yesterday with a sentient beast chasing her.

Rayen couldn’t get past the sound of Gabby’s frantic voice in her mind. Had that been real or just a bad dream? Gabby’s words bounced around, slowly vanishing like a lost echo in a deep canyon.

Where was Gabby?

The women’s center in the school hospital.

Gabby was supposed to be doing something basic. Tests of some kind. Rayen hadn’t been sent there yet so she had no idea of what went on in the hospital. Her other friend, Tony, had told her not to worry about Gabby, but Tony didn’t have the ability to hear voices in his head.

Not that Rayen really possessed that gift.

Gabby was the one who could hear thoughts, but Rayen had heard Gabby’s yesterday at one point.

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