“Very fast paced and exciting! The final book in
an outstanding series!”

Time LockRed Moon Trilogy Scifi-Fantasy Young Adult


"TIME LOCK is young adult science fiction at its best."The Reading Café
"I have never read a book that was anything like this one before. It felt completely unique to me, which I loved!" Feed Your Fiction Addiction
"Micah Caida couldn't have done a better job at wrapping up the story...I for one hate to see this series end." Mama’s Reading Break
“As the thrilling conclusion to the Red Moon series, Time Lock does not disappoint and will leave you in awe...perfection on paper.” Angela C, college student

Time Lock, Red Moon Trilogy Series

Time Lock

USA Today Micah Caida concludes the Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy with Time Lock, packed with twists to the most unexpected ending. 

His duty. Her destiny. Their last hope.

The highly anticipated final journey in the Red Moon trilogy is here. Every minute counts—literally—as Rayen races against impossible odds to deliver a one-of-a-kind computer to the sphere, but she’s locked up in Albuquerque. Failure means Callan's death at the hands of his enemies. As each ominous detail of the Damien Prophecy unfolds in real time, Rayen battles to help her friends escape, even as she accepts her life will be forfeit. Her ultimate decision as the red moon sets triggers a collision course of two worlds over a hundred years apart.

“The last book in this trilogy blew my mind.” Goodreads

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I was down to hours to save Callan’s life. He’d never see eighteen.

At this rate, I might not either.

Callan was trapped in a place far into the future known as the Sphere, an artificial planet, and I was trapped in a small, cramped room somewhere out in the desert an hour away from a place called Albuquerque. The time-travel portal for returning to the Sphere was in an Albuquerque boarding school, along with two friends I needed to help me open that portal.

Minutes raced past.

My heartbeat picked up speed.

“Come on,” I begged my power. It had yet to show up since I’d been locked in this room. I’d used it to kill a huge croggle monster in the Sphere, but I couldn’t even open a lock right now. Why?

Then I remembered something that I’d figured out over the past two days. Someone had been in immediate danger each time I’d drawn on my power.

The danger to Callan wasn’t right this second, but it was real and deadly. Could I use that? Clenching my fingers tighter around the doorknob, I dredged up an awful image of Callan’s enemy—the TecKnati—swinging a sword and lopping off his beautiful hands. Nausea crowded my throat and I flinched at the gruesome image.

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