“This is the best series I have ever read past a 3 book series."

Treoir Dragon HoardBelador Urban Fantasy


“Brilliant book, brilliant series. I cannot recommend this series highly enough!”L. A. Potter
“If world-building and plot development were Olympic sports, Dianna Love would be a gold medalist.” Heathercm2001, Amazon
“I am always amazed at these stories that give so much but leave me wanting more.” D.Antonio, Amazon
"Every step of this journey is a page turner!” Kimber, Amazon

Treoir Dragon Hoard, Belador Series

New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love's Beladors are back with Evalle, Storm, the dragon king and allies, all ready to face a conflict no one saw coming.

Two thousand years ago, someone stole the king’s treasure from Daegan’s father. An unexpected enemy uses this hoard to set Daegan on a path to his ultimate demise by dangling the one bait everyone knows the dragon king can’t ignore—protecting one of his own.

While racing to help a friend, Evalle lands in a trap where she’s given the unimaginable choice to either destroy her dragon king or condemn everyone she loves to die. Even her Skinwalker mate, Storm, has no way to track her this time.

Friendships and allies are tested as Atlanta erupts with preternatural exposure. Who will join Storm and Daegan to go where even a dragon has no chance of survival? With the enemy willing to gamble everything to take down Daegan, Evalle accepts her destiny, but on her terms. She never wants anyone to see what she’s become, especially Storm.

Destiny is not a choice, but a summons. The hourglass favors no one.

"When it comes to urban fantasy, Dianna Love is the master." Always Reviewing


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County Kilkenny, Ireland


Dunmore Cave is too powerful for even you!

His mother’s words kept playing over and over in his mind. She would not be happy with him if she lived today. She had nicknamed him La Cuchilla, The Blade, because he had been her favorite child. Neither sibling had his gifts or understood that with great power comes great expectation.

For him, that expectation meant he would rise above all others who had come before him. By ten, he’d proven to be more deadly than the sharpest blade. His mother would whisper her special name for him when calling on the powers of her ancestors, who went back to days of the ancient kingdom of Ossory, now known as County Kilkenny in Ireland.

He used La Cuchilla as a code name these days, as none could link it to his face, but one day, once he rose to the level of the most powerful beings, that name would be known—and feared—by all.

To his core, he was La Cuchilla and no human man. He refused to fear any ethereal presence living inside this cave.

You promised, La Cuchilla!

His mother’s words hammered his conscience.

He’d sincerely meant the vow he’d given to her at ten years old when he promised to stay far away from this treacherous location.


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