Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 1


Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 1, Treoir Dragon Chronicles Series

Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 1

This is book one of a 9-book series, which will release starting in September 2020. The Treoir Dragon Chronicles is a spinoff of the Belador series, and will include characters from that story line. The chronicles will be a stand-alone series, which can be read by fans of the Beladors as well as new readers who pick up this book for their first introduction to the Beladors.  

The series will be available in ebook, print and audiobook. *The audiobook takes a significant amount of production time once the ebook and print book are completed, but the audiobooks will follow fairly close to the other format releases.

Preorder links begin loading February 25, 2020.

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Excerpt coming summer 2020.

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