"I'm hooked...so many complicated relationships
with impossible obstacles."

The CurseBelador Urban Fantasy


“The Belador series is beloved and intricate… such a diverse and incredible world…”USA Today, Happy Ever After
“Evalle, continues to be one of my favorite female warriors in paranormal/urban fantasy… I loved The Curse... This was a great story from start to finish, super fun, lots of action, couples to root for, and a fantastic heroine.”The Reading Cafe
“I really love this series and if you haven't looked into it yet, you really need to. Each book is better than the last…Man I feel greedy. I just finished this book and can't wait for the next one.”Demons, Dreams & Dragon Wings
“If you're looking for a series with an epic scope and intricate, bold characters, look no further than the Belador series …a series to be savored by urban fantasy and paranormal romance fans alike.”The Romance Reviews

The Curse, Belador Series

Overwhelming odds mean nothing when the lives of everyone you love is on the line.

With the freedom of an entire race hanging in the balance, Evalle has two days to make good on a promise that she suddenly has no hope of fulfilling when demonic Svart Trolls invade Atlanta. She takes a leap of faith, seeking help from Isak, the Black Ops specialist who recently put Evalle in his cross hairs and has a personal vendetta against Alterants.

Bloody troll-led gang wars force Evalle into unwittingly exposing a secret that endangers all she holds dear, and complicates her already tumultuous love life with the mysterious Skinwalker, Storm. But it’s when the entire Medb coven comes after her that Evalle is forced to make a game-changing decision with no time left on the clock.   

"With a tight, fast-moving plot, unforgettable complex characters and a solid story, ALTERANT propels the series forward. A must read for fans."

~~ The Romance Reviews


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What’s a girl to wear to spend eternity in prison?

Evalle Kincaid would rather fight a pack of demons alone than face the Tribunal at midnight. 

Seventy-two minutes from now.

She might walk free tonight...if the Tribunal took into account that she’d spent the last forty-eight hours protecting humans from an eight-hundred-year-old warlord instead of mounting her defense.

Like it was her fault she’d been born a half-breed Belador?  An Alterant.  The only one not dead or caged.  The others had killed humans.  Taking the Belador oath at eighteen had kept her free of persecution...until now. 

One thing at a time, like getting dressed.  She had to show up in more than a bra and panties.

She pulled out her favorite cotton shirt, a vintage piece, from her antique chest of drawers. Stepping into jeans and boots, she shoved a couple of lug nuts in her pocket and froze.

Her apartment was too silent.

Not a lot of noise reached two levels beneath downtown Atlanta when you lived in the equivalent of a concrete bunker.

But this stillness was a something-must-be-up quiet.

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