“I absolutely love Feenix and want one myself.”

Fire BoundBelador Urban Fantasy


“I absolutely adored the gargoyle Feenix...”A Girl and Her Reviews
“ADORED Feenix to pieces, he was so cute!"Vikinglover, review
“Feenix adds something special that’s hard to define. I just love that little gargoyle and how he adores Evalle, which is easy to understand after she recognized another lost soul.”Zinia, review
“I absolutely love Feenix and want one myself.”April, review

Fire Bound, Belador Series

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A dangerous creature is on the loose. Evalle, Tzader and Quinn take a VIPER team just outside of Atlanta for a sting operation that takes a deadly turn. Killing the half-human creature would be possible, but national security is on the line until the team can discover who created the monster, and whether more like it are waiting in the wings to be unleashed on the human world. The op goes bad with Beladors in the middle of it, and nothing turns out as expected, least of all for Evalle.

“…the sweet child like gargoyle Feenix. I can't wait to read the next book in this excellent series.”~~ Clare Roden, review  

*THE ENTIRE STORY IS BELOW (not just an excerpt). 

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This is the full story (not just an excerpt) of how Evalle found Feenix …

Chapter One


            “I hunt demons, not aliens,” Evalle Kincaid grumbled under her breath.  She parked her GSX-R motorcycle in the heavy shadow of an abandoned gas station in...she had no idea what this rural area was called, only that it was an hour east of Atlanta.  March apparently intended to go out like a lamb with a cool breeze in the mid-sixties.  Stowing her riding gear that left her in a black T-shirt and jeans, she headed over to where four men waited inside the gutted building. 

VIPER team, mostly Beladors. 

Not a Men-in-Black agent among them.

So why send a VIPER team to investigate this particular crime?  As a coalition that protected humans from supernatural predators, VIPER handled a lot of strange things, but cow killings? 

That was so...Roswell.

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