"“BLOOD TRINITY is an ingenious urban fantasy..." 

Blood TrinityBelador Urban Fantasy


"... a fresh concept, complex world and unique characters … emotionally engaging story full of twists."Publishers Weekly
"The book everyone should be talking about … this book has something for everyone … If you are looking for a well written book that will take you out of your everyday life and transport you to an exciting new world, then this is for you."Heated Steve
"…a fascinating, action-packed story in this first book of the Belador series. ..Just when I thought I knew how the story's going to go, the authors surprised me with a loop here, a twist there… this book's got more twists and turns than a labyrinth!"The Romance Reviews
"BLOOD TRINITY is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve read this year… a tale that shows just how awesome urban fantasy really can be, particularly as the genre is flooded with so many choices. Brilliantly done and highly recommended."CK2s Kwips & Kritiques

Blood Trinity, Belador Series

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A New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series is unlike any other. 

Atlanta has become the battlefield between human and demon. As an outcast among her own people, Evalle Kincaid has walked the line between human and beast her whole life. Her true origins unknown, she searches to learn more about her past before it kills her, but when a demon claims a young woman in a terrifying attack and there's no one else to blame, Evalle comes under suspicion. The one person who can help her is Storm, the sexy new agent brought in to catch her in a lie, just one of his gifts besides being a Skinwalker.  On a deadly quest for her own survival, Evalle is forced to work with the mysterious stranger who has the power to unravel her world. Through the sordid underbelly of an alternate Atlanta where nothing is as it seems to the front lines of the city where former allies now hunt her, Evalle must prove her innocence or pay the ultimate price. But saving herself is the least of her problems if she doesn’t stop the coming apocalypse. The clock is ticking and Atlanta is about to ignite. 

“BLOOD TRINITY is an ingenious urban fantasy … Book One in the Belador series will enthrall you during every compellingly entertaining scene.”  

“…a well written book that will take you out of your everyday life and transport you to an exciting new world…”

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Uphold my vows and die.

Or break my vows and die?

Evalle Kincaid had faced death more than once in the past five years, but never with these odds. If she had a one percent chance, it would be a miracle.

A citric odor burned her lungs, confirming that Medb majik shrouded the rock walls, high ceiling and dirt floor of her underground prison. It was the stench of her worst enemies.

She still couldn’t believe that one of her own, a Belador, had betrayed her.

Not just her.

Anger over the betrayal and being tricked into falling for this chewed at her insides. But she pushed it down, knowing it wouldn't do anything except weaken her more. And right now, she needed her full sense and bearings.

Peeking carefully from beneath lowered eyelashes so that no one would know she was awake, she took in the other two captives--male Beladors--also held upright by invisible constraints.

A human would be blind in this black hole, but her vision thrived on total darkness.

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