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Belador Pronunciation Guide

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Building a unique world with rich details often requires using unusual names and terms that are sometimes fictional, as well as drawing on actual mythology. 

Below is a list of pronunciations for names, places and terminology in the Belador series. This page is continually updated, but if you do not see one you’re looking for please contact assistant@authordiannalove.com - you’ll receive a reply and we’ll add it to the list.


ah – long a sound like in father

a – short a sound like in man

i – short i sound as in kit

  • Adsila
  • Allyn
  • Anaye
    AH nay ee
  • Asháninka
    ash – AH – neen – kah
  • Babalaos
    bah bah LOUSE
  • Batuk
    bah – TOOK
  • Belador
    BELL – ah – door
  • Betatakin
    buh TA TAH kin
  • Bidziil
    BIDE shee-el (“dz” pronounced together as “ds”)
  • Birrn
    pronounced Burn
  • Candomble
    can DOHM blay
  • Cathbad
    KATH bad
  • Chakra
    CHAH krah (hard CH as in chair)
  • Cressyl
    KREH sul
  • Cú Chulainn
  • Daegan
    DAY gan
  • Deek D’Alimonte
    DEEK D-al-uh-montay
  • Ekkbar
    ECK – bar
  • Evalle
    EE - vahl
  • Flaevynn
    FLAY – vin
  • Garwyli
    gar WHY lee
  • Gixxer
    JICK ser
  • Glaive
    rhymes with grave
  • Glatisant
    GLAT i sant
  • Graim thu
    graw IM hoo
  • Haloke
    how LOKE ee
  • Hanhau
    HAN how
  • Huelga para matar
    who EL guh PAR uh MAH tar
  • Imala
    EE mah lah
  • Isak Nyght
    I zak Night
  • Kai
    (rhymes with pie)
  • Kala jadoo
    kah lah JAH doo
  • Kizira
    kuh – ZEER – ah
  • Koriospiri
    CORE ree oh SPEAR ee
  • Kujoo
    KOO – joe
  • Langau
    LAN gow (gow rhymes with cow)
  • Loch Ryve
    lock reeve
  • Macha
    MAH kuh
  • Macumba
    mah COOM buh
  • Maistir
    MY stir
  • Medb
  • Mitnal
    MIT nahl
  • Mo gradh
    moi RAH (moi rhymes with boy)
  • Nadina
    nuh DEE nuh
  • Nascha
    NASH uh (NASH rhyming with DASH)
  • Ngak
    pronounced Nack
  • Nhivoli
    neh-VO – lee
  • Noirre
    NOIR ay
  • Ossian
    AH see un
  • PRIN
    (rhymes with sin)
  • Phoedra
    FAY druh
  • Rías
    REE uhs
  • Santeria
    san tuh REE uh
  • Scath
    (rhymes with bath)
  • Sinaa
    sin AH
  • Svart
    Sv prounced together
  • Tahoma
    tay HOME uh
  • Trader
    ZAY dur
  • Treoir
    TRAY – or
  • Tzader
    ZAY – der
  • TÅμr
  • Tá mo chroí leat
    TAW muh kree ISH-tee inyut
  • Volonte
    voh LAWN tee
  • Vyan
    VIE – an (VY rhymes with BYE)
  • Yazzle
    YAZ ul (rhymes with dazzle)