"Books were my sanctuary from the moment I could read. 
I can't envision a world without stories."
— Dianna Love

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First Four Slye Temp Books ON SALE Now!


Attention Book Bingers!! For a limited time, the first four books in the "completed" Slye Temp romantic suspense series is on sale. That's right. Grab a load of sexy romantic suspense reading now for pennies. I thought it would be nice to do a little "I love my readers" sale. :) This sale is for the ebooks and it's on every retailer - Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo & Google. To find your retailer for each book, just click here.

League Of Gallize Shifters


 New in October 2017 - League of Gallize Shifters is a new pararnormal romance series that kicks off with GRAY WOLF MATE.  The Gallize are unlike any other group of shifters, because they aren't born a shifter. Their magic is very old and powerful.

 Seven years ago, Cole was human and in love. Tess believed she'd found her soul mate, then Cole vanished from college without a word. Now he's back and everything has changed ... most of all him. Jump into a new series with unique shifters and Dianna Love's signature big world building and sexy romance.

GRAY WOLF MATE ebook can be preordered now and will be availble in print and ebook on Oct 23rd. (The audio version won't be available in Oct, but there will be one).  

BELADOR Crossword puzzle #1


I love puzzles, all kinds. If I'm stuck somewhere waiting and don't have a book (yeah, that doesn't happen often), then my next go-to is a crossword puzzle, sudoku - something that keeps mind entertained.  That's what gave me the idea of creating Belador puzzles. This is my first attempt, but I plan to do more.  If I get enough feedback for this, I may even set up a page on my website when I have time. (My brain just had a small meltdown at the idea of me adding one more thing for it to do - lol).  

Anyhow, please DOWNLOAD THE PDF of the puzzle and test how well you know the Beladors. Dragon King Of Treoir (Book 8) will be released January 10th. All I can tell you is to be ready for more surprises. :)