"I read them all in one sitting. Well written and
an excellent trilogy."

Red Moon Trilogy Box SetRed Moon Trilogy Scifi-Fantasy Young Adult

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"Thanks to Micah Caida for a great read for every age, this is a gem of a series."Emily G, 17 years old
"Time Lock, and the Red Moon Trilogy, is a fast-paced, exciting fantasy that is so well written that it meets my expectations as an adult reader too!"Sharon Griffiths, adult
"This review is the combination of all three books. Time Trap, Time Return and Time Lock. I loved this trilogy… the Damian Prophecy that stumps all involved until the ending of the final book. the ending is great. This is a must read. Rayen and Callan's love story is great."Crystal Peoples, Amazon
"Sadly, the time has come for The Red Moon trilogy to end, but there is a roller-coaster ride of enthralling adventures before the final book concludes."Single Titles Reviews

Red Moon Trilogy Box Set, Red Moon Trilogy Series

Red Moon Trilogy Box Set

The entire Red Moon Trilogy of an epic science fiction/fantasy young adult tale by USA Today bestseller Micah Caida. This is unlike any other story you’ve ever read.



Waking up in an unknown world, Rayen has no memory, not even of her name until a ghost informs her, and shares that she’s seventeen just before she has to run for her life. She’s hunted then captured, ending up in an unusual high school located in a place called Albuquerque. It seems to be a safe haven, but she soon finds out she’s dead wrong when she accidentally opens a portal and ends up fighting alongside two other teens to stay alive in a world that is fantastic and dangerous. This place calls to the strange power inside of her and pushes her toward a boy who is as deadly as he is attractive, and thinks she’s the enemy. Escaping appears impossible, but staying trapped means death, and the portal she opened threatens the existence of the current world along with the future.



Choices backfire, trust is forfeit and alliances shift as elements of the Damian Prophecy begin to fall into place and the time is shorter than anyone thought.



The explosive conclusion to a young adult series unlike anything else you’ve ever read. Countdown begins now to when the Red Moon sets for the last time.


“…the Red Moon Trilogy, is a fast-paced, exciting fantasy that is so well written that it meets my expectations as an adult reader too! Loved it!” ~~ Sharon Griffiths, adult

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Painful starbursts exploded behind my eyes.

I clawed awake, tumbling forward, bouncing against a rough surface. Heat scorched my arms and legs. I tucked my head and shoulders. Sharp stones gouged my back and sand coated my sweaty body.

All at once, I lurched forward and slammed to a stop, flat on my face. Ears ringing, my next breath wheezed out, mouth dry as the hot dust singeing my skin.

What was happening? No answer. My brain hadn’t unscrambled yet.

 “Get up, girl, if you value your life,” someone demanded in a deep male voice that sounded old.

Don’t push me right now if you value yours. I opened my gritty eyes to blinding light and a cockeyed view of an endless desert. Not a person in sight.

“Get. Up!” he ordered again.

If he yelled at me one more time, he wouldn’t be happy when I did make it to my feet. I bit back the snarl curling to my lips. Who was he anyway? My head still spun and my stomach wasn’t much happier. Gravel bit the palms of my hands as I pushed up on shaky knees.

Every muscle screamed misery, my body battered as a kickball.  I looked around. Still no one in sight. I twisted the other way, searching in a full circle. Not a thing for miles but desert and mountains. Now I was dizzy.

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