"I've colored outside the lines from day one and 
hunt for the road less traveled."
— Dianna Love

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New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love


Dianna started out life as a photorealistic artist and launched her first business at the age of seventeen out of necessity. She was living on her own and working two jobs so she started painting signs and murals every free minute she could find.  It wasn’t long before she had a following that allowed her to give up three other jobs.  Years later, while painting over a hundred feet in the air, she started making up stories to keep herself entertained during the long days.  That’s when she penned her first novel, which won the prestigious Daphne Du Maurier and Golden Heart® awards prior to being published by a New York house.  Dianna has written urban fantasy, romantic thrillers, young adult sci-fi/fantasy and a nonfiction (writing reference) books. Her Belador urban fantasy series continues in January 2017 with Dragon KING OF TREOIR and she’s also working on the HAMR Brotherhood, a new romantic suspense line of stories.  When she’s not in her writing cave in Peachtree City, GA (near Atlanta), she’s down on the Gulf coast fishing or off on a motorcycle adventure on her BMW bike. 

Dianna loves to meet readers online and at live events.  Be sure to step up and say hello when you see her out and about.

"... an exciting, pulse pounding thriller...The last half of the book was a nail biter...I love Dianna Love’s writing, her wonderful imagination, and her ability to grab us from the start of each book she writes, and keep us there until the end… Every time."

Barb, The Reading Cafe (Witchlock)

 “Love pens a compelling plot, charismatic characters, vivid imagery and a passionate love story that will leave you breathless… DECEPTIVE TREASURES is the fifth book in the SLYE-TEMP series and is just as compelling as the first four books.”

Billie Jo, Romance Junkies

Dianna’s first book won the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award and sold out in three months.

She went on to win more awards and become a USA Today and New York Times bestseller, writing romantic thrillers, urban fantasy and young adult.

QUESTIONS FROM READERS ... be sure to send in yours!

Jenny asked:
How did you go from painting photo-realistic portraits to writing books?

I like to say I fell out of the womb an artist and built my career around painting billboards and large outdoor murals, eventually adding three-dimensional projects and electronic spectaculars to my repertoire. After years of hanging hundreds of feet in the air alone, I’d gotten to the point I could paint and do something else mentally at the same time so I started making up stories to amuse myself.

In 2001, during flights back and forth from Atlanta to Boston where I was working on a big project, I started writing down my ideas, thinking I could give them to a “real” writer. It didn’t take long before I had every bit as much passion for writing as I’d always had for art and could not get enough when it came to learning the craft. Getting published took a while, but I’ve never looked back.

Benjamin asked:
I’ve always wanted to write a book. How do I start and what do I do?

The single best suggestion I can offer starting out on your first book is – read, read, read in the genre you intend to write. After that, join a professional writing organization for the genre you’re interested in and absorb all the information you can about writing craft and the business of writing. Beyond that, keep writing.

Teresa asked:
How do you come up with all those twists and turns for your stories?

It’s just the way my mind works. I complicate everything I start to do and love a lot of action, so my people are usually in some sort of bad trouble…or I put them there. I just love puzzles, and once I have the puzzle set up, the twists and turns in the story are my way of working it out.

Delilah asked:
I’ve heard you’re a fishing fanatic. What’s your favorite type of fishing?

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida, so I’ve always loved saltwater fishing. We lived near the water in Tampa. My dad would take me fishing after school during the week to catch fish just to feed our family of seven. I’ve deep sea fished quite a bit, but my favorite is inland light tackle fishing. My husband grew up freshwater fishing and introduced me to that sport as well. Spending a day on the water with my husband or family – all the women in my family are fisherwomen – is a great break for me.

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